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Pom Pom Hoop



Good Things Take Time

Our process is purposely slow which feels at odds in a world that favors instant gratification. Our bags are handprinted and lovingly put together by our team of local seamstresses. Our beads are hand made from porcelain clay before the jewelry making begins.

Our hope is that you enjoy and treasure our pieces as much as we enjoyed making them!

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Kind Words

Style and fashion as most know is a very personal thing. We all communicate bits of who we are through what we wear and what makes us feel good. I’ve found that in Samarah’s jewelery. The heart earrings in all colours communicate and reflect so many different moods but all said with love as the under current. I love that the pieces also represent where I’m from and I feel a sense of pride knowing it’s handmade from a local artisan. All of these different layers of the story get me excited when I wear a rope chain or my long yellow necklace or my hearts or my moon phase earrings. Thank you Samarah! I really appreciate you for making such a quality product and one that connects with my soul.

- Tracy Fowler