About Studio Samarah

Good Things Take Time

Our process is purposely slow which feels at odds in a world that favours instant gratification.

Our bags are handprinted and lovingly put togther by our team of local seamstresses.

Our beads are hand made from porcelain clay before the jewllery making begins.

Our hope is that you enjoy and treasure our pieces as much as we enjoyed making them!


We believe that accessories can elevate your everyday.

We believe in LOVE.

We believe that artisans will craft our future.

We believe that minimalism does not mean an absence of colour.

We believe in quality over quantity.

We believe that everyday is a special occasion. 

We believe imperfects are a thing of beauty.

We believe that all good things take time.

We believe in pour overs vs instant coffee and like our popcorn stove top not microwave

We believe in the magic of handmade.